Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Don’t try to be as good as someone else.

Today’s quick tip, is to remind you that focusing on being as good as someone you look-up-to, isn’t a great strategy.

Aim to be better than you were yesterdayThis pressure to be as good as the latest influencer, or confidence guru you follow online can often be more trouble than it’s worth.

Social media is great for connecting us to friends and loved ones, but it can be toxic to self-confidence. While it undoubtedly allows us to share happiness and positivity with those around us, it also remains a fact that the posts and images, etc. from ‘celebrities’ have been artfully presented online.

Social media tends to show the best parts of their lives. It rarely shows the struggles, stresses and issues they face every day.


Be better than you were

I’m not saying you should stop following these people, or stop seeing them as an inspiration. Just remember that the lifestyle you see is a positive representation, not what their life is like all day, every day.

The best way to increase your self-confidence, is to aim to be better today than you were yesterday, then better tomorrow than you will be today.

Have a daily goal, to improve your self-confidence even a little bit, every day. Use your own level of self-confidence as a barometer for your progress, not the targets set by others.

Baby-steps are sustainable and repeatable.

Give it a try. You’ll see I’m right 😉


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